Álvaro Caneças
Sky Restelo building

Luxury, quality, safety, design and differentiation

Predurba is based in Belém, in Lisbon, its senior director being Álvaro Caneças, and has been building luxury buildings for many years, being recognised in the sector for the high quality of the developments it markets.

In order to produce excellence in all circumstances, Predurba’s staff comprises multidisciplinary professionals, including engineers, architects, decorators and technicians from various areas, all duly trained up for the purpose, and with proven experience.

It should be emphasised that our team always approaches each project it is involved in as an enormous challenge and it invests its utmost in terms of innovation, design, sophistication and elegance.

The main objective is to create exceptional spaces in all contexts, which stand out for their details and, above all, for their charisma and the authenticity of the basic concept and the materials selected.

Pay a visit, without any commitment, to the Sky Restelo T4 apartments (model A, B and C) and surprise yourself with our originality, detail, vanguardism, safety and prestigious design.

Living in a premium location is fully guaranteed, with privileged views over the infinite blue of the Tagus, with the dense green of Monsanto and the red rooftops of the typical buildings of the capital.